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Sunday, December 23, 2012

The 2nd Amendment


  1. Hey that's funny... about the 2nd amendment But you know what, lets look at the first amendment, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." I guess the right to pull the trigger is implied, like the right to of the freedom of speech...

  2. Hoo boy.

    Yeah. Owning guns + self defense with guns, + who can do those two things, is a thorny puzzle, at the very least.

    My view is:
    guns take a backseat to calling the police. They do Almost every time.
    If you have a gun with you, + you see someone who is creepy or dangerous, call the COPS.
    DONT pursue the creepy man/guy. DONT hassle or threaten the creepy guy.

    IF he/she looks dangerous + is coming towards you...[The WORLD'S] most popular self-defense move is:

    Walk or Run to a safe place, or crowded shop or safe home to get help. or go home + lock yourself inside.

    And if the creepy guy is still after you, YELL to people in the cafe/store: HEY! THAT CREEPY MAN IS AFTER ME! KEEP HIM AWAY FROM ME!

    And you can also call the cops after yelling to people.

    So... My thing is: guns, handguns, heavy sticks, knives...are the VERY last, FREAKING last resort. They are last resort if you think you are in danger, or if you know you are in danger.

    ...What if the creepy guy is just a guy with a scary beard, who found my wallet, and wants to give it back to me?

    Then, if I club him + make him bleed, or shoot him and cripple him permanently my bullets, or kill him with my gun: the cops + myself will think that I was a total fool + a total a**hole for doing that.

    Guns are a last resort if your life is in danger. Do every other type of :escape, or call, or [phone call for help or the cops], before [jumping completely out of society's rules], and start punching, kicking or using guns on scary-looking people.

    No sweat.

    If you think my above ideas are wrong, please print or write out my above ideas, + ask your local POLICE if any of these ideas are good.

    Most cops would rather you ask them, and talk to them, about should you ever fight or shoot someone, and telling you when it is a very bad idea to try those things. Cops want to prevent unneeded fights + gun play, and unneeded homocides. They like you to act calm + ask about things like that. They might love it.

    That's all. Later Days.

  3. That's the thing, just because people advocate owning guns where does that say they “want” to use it as a first resort? Your continued use of, “last resort” makes it sound like (to me that) your saying it’s a gun owners, ”first resort” when it’s not. As you say you do all those things talk, walk, run and call the police… if you’re given that option. However, what if… that scary guy “isn't” returning your wallet,” isn't” going to stop coming after you, you can’t our run him. Your cell phone isn’t working… and the guy is “willing” to do whatever he has to… to take your life? Then all the last resort things come into play yes? Rare yes, impossible… no.

    That's the point people are making, it's not the scary “nice” guy we want tools to defend ourselves from as you said he’s not a threat. It's that crazy person intent on havoc that is the issue… You keep saying it’s a “last resort”, but you put in your comic “nothing about firing them.” That’s not a “last resort” that’s no resort. That’s what I take issue with.

    History has proven over and over with people like Mao, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot that citizens without means of defense, against violent people and governments end up being victimized by those people. Imagine for a moment, that the government said you had to go to a prison because of your race, religion or belief. Please don’t say it would “never” happen, because it has, and not just to the Japanese, but to Italians and Germans during WW2. Ask the Jewish people that survived Hitler it’s happening now in places in Africa, why because people don’t have a means to fight back.

    The option to fight for your life isn’t a right, it’s a duty. Gun absolutely should be a last resort, no question. However the right to have that “resort” should not be legislated away because some bad people did bad things. You want a safe society, where no one gets hurt and is perfectly safe? Where criminals fear the police… They tried it, called it communism; long lines, no rights, papers needed to visit your grandma. It was safe but it didn’t work… I don’t want to live that way, do you? it’s safer no gun violence, but then you can’t voice your opinions because the state feared that and sent you to Siberia to a work camp, to die.

    Remember the First Amendment is backed by the Second, because without the Second Amendment there is no First Amendment. That’s why there in that order, you don’t need to own a gun. That’s you’re right, however intentionally or unintentionally, please don’t make light of something that is important, and necessary to the continued rights of the people the govern itself. The government is suppose to fear the people, they serve “us”, not us “them.” By “fear” I mean that they will lose their jobs, we vote them out. Unless of course they are trying to take people’s lives. Then they should fear the people rightfully and correctly defending their lives from a tyrannical government.

    You have the right to speak your mind, but again I’m not even trying to change your mind. Just remember, just because it seems antiquated doesn’t mean they don’t have applications to the present.

    Oh and the police are great I have many friends that are Police officers, however it’s a job. To Protect and serve is a Motto, their job is to help prevent crime. Crime is past tense, ask any woman stalked by some crazy guy the police say the same thing every where… Until they guy does something… By that time the girls is usually… Hence why most cops, tell women in that situation (confidentially) to get a gun…

  4. Guns seems to have a magical effect on people. What did people do before guns? I suppose for the military something like bows and arrows were a handy long range weapon. Catapults for larger, structural damage. But for personal safety a little dagger or something did the trick. Did any of that prevent crime? No idea. Is the world a safer place after guns were invented? Somehow I doubt it. If anything we've become weaker with the invention of this ability to instantly kill someone. Like dropping a bomb from thousands of feet in the air or sending unmanned flying robots to do you bidding. If World War 3 were fought completely hand to hand we'd be getting our asses kicked by China or India just by sheer numbers.

    Dirk - you make a great point about the assumption that a gun owner is just itching to blast someone and that using their gun is a first resort. I don't think that's the case either. But you did lose me towards the end of your post about police advice to women to get a gun to prevent possible rape. That puts the fault on the woman and that she got raped because she didn't have a gun.

  5. You should maybe look at the definition of bear in this context.