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Saturday, September 26, 2009

A New Home for SAM!

Not giving up the old site yet but while I was tooling around trying to figure out how to provide people with an RSS option I just realized that if I start a Blogspot site I could get the same results.


  1. This is very insightful of you. Why re-invent the wheel! If I could have commented on your other site, I would have suggested you try blogspot. (Of course, I can say anything now, after the fact...hehehe).

    By the way, I really enjoy Secret Asian Man. It is in the top three of favourite comics.

  2. Looks great! By the way, I always thought you were west coast but you're from my old stomping grounds. Very cool.

  3. Thanks for setting this up.

    Much appreciated.

  4. I happen to think YOU are the future! Your humor and insight are what set you apart and make your work not only funny but . . . IMPORTANT. Please keep on, keeping on my brother!

  5. This is great. One other option to consider is looking at the stuff. As an avid web comic reader, I think it has some calendar advantages that regular blogging doesn't address, plus you could install it on your other web site.

    I'm not an authority, I just read a lot of web comics that use it. It could be crap.

  6. Oh TAK, if I had known you were in dire straits I could have set it up for you. Hugs from Texas, this is your better long term solution to content management. Keep your focus on the comics!

    Kate McKeon

  7. I like the comic and I like blogspot, but...

    Blogspot is not a very good option for comics. You would be much better off setting your site up with Comicpress.