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Monday, March 15, 2010

Kids are the coolest things in the world

It bothers me when I see younger people (college/post-college) talk about how they don't like kids. Like it's somehow not cool to like kids. I think mostly it's because they're getting to an age where kids may be in their near future so it makes them anxious to think about them. Like when your mom nags, "When are you getting married?" You probably will at some point but it doesn't mean you want to hear it.


  1. I'm also sad when I hear that people don't like kids because the population of so many countries is declining.
    For the last decade and a half the population of Russia has decreased by 1 million a year. The only reason the population of Australia isn't in decline is because of all the Asian immigrants (and I'm one of them). The effects of population decline are obvious when you look at China's one child policy.
    The world is not overpopulated, food and wealth is just unevenly distributed.

  2. I don't hate kids -- kids can be alright, but I don't want any of my own.

    HyperShock-- yeah, good point.

  3. Defnitely agree that it has something to do with the 'fear' of actually having kids in their near future.

    Also I think it is part of the same vein as I want to grow up, look older, and be considered an adult and not a kid. "How can I like kids, if I am trying not to be one!" These days the young are kids far longer than in times past as college does delay it a bit. When does someone become an adult anyways.

  4. I think I wanted kids since I was about 5! And now I am on my third!

  5. I've always loved kids and through college and for years after I worked as a pre-school teacher and loved every minute of it. It was strange to hear my friends back then say stuff like, "I could never work with kids."

  6. I like working with kids, though I know that the reason many of my friends "don't like kids" is because they don't know how to work with them, or their afraid that they are going to hurt them. I know that a couple of my friends are also afraid of the responsibility kids bring, even just playing with them or watching them.

  7. Being able to enjoy the company of children requires a special skillset (which simplifies to: telling them ~"no" 10billion times a day without either one of you going crazy in the process) that is no longer commonly taught in our society due to lack of extended families. So I wouldn't be surprised if a growing number of people would admit to not liking kids.

    Also, despite what people *say* there is a huge pile of objective evidence that the vast majority of people don't like kids. Not even their own kids. That they are miserable for 20some years and then are happier when they all move out. Let the people who actually like kids have whole gaggles of them and the people that don't like them should be accepted for who they are (and not encouraged to have kids just to fit in, find "happiness", or stabilize their lives).

    I worked at a preschool too! I'm just like Tak! I learned a lot and I like kids a lot more now.

    @HyperShock. There is nothing wrong with population decline. The world population is still growing, not shrinking so there's no reason to sound alarms about population decline there either. Nothing wrong with immigration either.