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Monday, November 14, 2011

Diversity Training

This morning while I was in line at Dunkin' Donuts I heard a couple of guys behind me lamenting the diversity training they had to go through. Having never taken anything like that it made me curious what it must be like. Anyone out there go through it?

I can see how some of it could be cringe-worthy. And the thought of diversity training conjured the image of a superhero group. There's the Amazing Wheelchair Man, Ms. Latina, the Mysterious Ambiguously Ethnic Lady and The Black Guy.

As I started to think about what the diversity training Danger Room would look like, I watched the two men get their coffees from Chinese Lady and their food from a Middle Eastern Man and wondered if they even realized the awkwardness of that situation.


  1. My "diversity" training focused on accessibility issues and was actually a great experience. I can see how doing the online training modules some places make you do would be frustrating, but working in teams to find ways to design courses that were accessible to everyone (I'm at a university) just made me a better instructor for everyone.

  2. Funny. Hard to imagine not getting along and enjoying our differences. Guess my folks didn't teach me to judge on looks or...

  3. chances are either the Chinese lady or Middle Eastern man owns the DD, while those assholes are getting by on 60K a year