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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1/10/10 - The Unspoken Understanding

I read a lot of Asian American papers and sites and it always strikes me funny when nationalities start to feature people from outside their own. To me it's a slow news day/week red flag. But somehow I get the feeling everyone's cool with it.


  1. lol, I never even paid attention to that^_^;; I know regular newspapers do that sometimes, but I don't exactly read a lot of asian papers^_^;; not from here anyway.

    I have a teacher/friend in Osaka that sends me lil things here and there so I can practice reading, but, yeah...>.>


  2. since when has she been pregnant?

  3. Marie announced her pregnancy in the very last panel of the very last daily syndicated strip back in September!

  4. wow i guess i just never noticed that.

  5. I just checked the strip archives at and I didn't find it there either. I do remember reading the last daily strip but don't remember the announcement of a baby either.