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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Attention Smokers

I used to smoke. For years I packed away thousands of cancer sticks without a thought. When my wisdom teeth started to come in (impacted) I had to have all four removed at the same time. No smoking for a week, doctors orders. But at least they gave me percocets ...

I made it through the week and decided I'd try to see how long I could go without smoking. That was 15 years ago and I've stayed away from them ever since.

Smoking is a stupid thing to do. If you smoke you're doing a stupid thing. Yes, I'm fully judging you. Stop smoking you idiot.

There's going to be a follow up to this strip next week.


  1. I smoked for 12 years, got up to three packs a day before finally quitting (two days before Thanksgiving 1985). No cigarettes since and no regrets. Can't say I haven't missed them, their reek on my clothes, the yellow on the walls and especially their cost and back then they were only a buck or two per pack. No, no regrets in quitting those things.

  2. Thanks for the laugh!
    What I wish someone would explain to me is why do smokers fully believe they have a greater "right" to smoke in public areas (car parks, coming out of builings, etc) than I do to not have a smoke-triggered asthma attack or my son to avoid a migraine trigger? I avoid being near anyone smelling of smoke in public as much as possible but respect (even if I don't like) that people have a personal right to poison themselves in their home or car. It is just when it comes to shared areas that I have no comprehension why their rights come before any other humans.

  3. My life is just {arrow-egg-arrow-egg...}, and the Parthenon is just a bunch of dicks penetrating one vag.

  4. I smoke a pipe occasionally during the summer, but only outside my house. Feel free to judge. It's relaxing enough for me to have it once in a while (maybe once a week when it's warm outside) that it outweighs the health negatives for me. And compared to the grilling/smoking I do, the amount of smoke the pipe puts out is miniscule and has dissipated by the time it's blown out of my yard.

    Cigarettes though? No, thank you.

  5. girlchild - you took the words right out of my vagina.