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Monday, January 16, 2012

Please help with any info you may have

After a day of thinking positive thoughts on MLK Day I end the day seeing one of the most deplorable acts of school yard violence I've seen in a long time. Warning: violent video.

This was taken in Chicago's Bridgeport area. If you have any information at all please do what you can to put these fuckers away.

Update: evidently the names of the assailants have been released to the public. Let's hope justice is served.


  1. It seems like yesterday that i was getting my ass kicked by 6 kids much bigger than me. I have a permanent injury I can thank them for. where did you find this? I couldn't get passed a minute of it. I hope they find these fucking barbarians. they got one good shot of one of the kids which is probably all they need to get them all, if anyone can identify him.

  2. Been going around the internets. I've seen a couple of people come forward to identifying the location and the guy being assaulted.

  3. Those kids are fightin gay style many to 1, shamed of those wasted youth. Hope they get jail time.

  4. This is just my opinion. Please feel free to disagree or agree, as you so desire..
    I think that a lot of U.S. culture wrongly thinks that it is "manly or powerful" to solve your problems with: verbal abuse, threats of violence, or by solving your problems by beating up someone, who doesn't agree with you or act exactly the same as you do. I use "you", in this post, to mean a theoretical person.

    Also, I feel too many Americans teach the lie of: you have to have lots of sex to be a man.
    I think that we should teach boys + men that it is more manly or powerful to [use reason + polite problem solving]to solve your problems, than it is to use dumb force/violence to solve your problems.

    You don't have to have sex, or beat people up, to be manly or powerful.

    P.S.- They used to call the "manly search for sex and violence":
    the quest for [waring and whoring].
    Waring/fighting wars and whoring: That's what the big, dumb bullies called fun in the year 1600.

    A lot of people look for emotionless sex and brainless violence as a way to feel good. I hope that those people learn to stop doing those two bad things.

  5. Well said. The best way to win a war is to not get into one.