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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beat down follow up

So now there's some background info coming out about the beat down video that I (and many others) posted yesterday. Evidently this girl knows the guys in the video and is giving her side of the story explaining (very...slowly...and...deliberately...) why those kids jumped that one guy.

My thanks to her for coming forward to list the names of the attackers and I applaud her attempt at clarifying the situation. Unfortunately she completely misses the point of everyone's outrage.

But I think this can be made into a teachable moment about the use of violence and how we can find ourselves justifying deplorable behavior. Much like the recent video of U.S. Marines pissing on fallen Taliban soldier's bodies. Many people have no problem justifying the act because "they deserved it." The same feeling apply here. That one kid deserved to get the crap beat out of him because he was supposedly involved in an earlier attack on the attackers.

Lesson here: violence begets violence.

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