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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cigarettes Create Jobs

My continuing beratement of smokers. I've actually heard arguments like this. If that were the case then we should legalize weed, tax it and create about a million jobs overnight. Which we should.


  1. I find smoking is in the same category as racking up credit card debt. It's socially acceptable, but people congratulate me on never picking up the habit.

  2. It's one of those sad-but-true things that we have to deal with. People deserve the right to do stupid things if they choose to. Who are we to stop them?

  3. I think this comic (while the usual SAM funny and insightful) illustrates the misconceptions non-smokers have about smoking. It's not just a "stupid" habit, it's an EXTREMELY POWERFUL CHEMICAL ADDICTION, apparently more so than just about any other addiction. And it's an addiction fueled and backed by big corporations with lots of advertising money to spend!

    As such, "shaming" or "guilt-tripping" nicotine addicts isn't going to work any more than such approaches will work on heroin addicts, alcoholics, sex addicts, or other addictive behaviors. You wouldn't say to a drug addict, "Stop smoking crack, idiot!" and expect it to cure him/her, would you?

    Yet we have treatment options and facilities (i.e. Betty Ford Clinic) for these other addictions, but smokers are basically left to fend for themselves when trying to beat their addiction. Smokers KNOW it's a bad habit, and they want to quit, but they CAN'T. We don't have any "dry-out tanks" for smokers. There's a few pills they can take, but most treatments rely on personal willpower with little personal or medical support, and thus generally have marginal success rates. Heck, even the President of the United States can't seem to quit smoking!

    I believe we need to educate teenagers on how much money they would waste smoking! Health risks don't seem to register with them. But if you say "Hey, look at all the cool clothes, smartphones, video games, cars, or date money you lose out on if you spend that money on cigarettes!" it might register.

    "Look how much a pack-a-day habit costs over the course of a year! For what?!?! Think of all the cool stuff you could do with that money!"

    Sorry for getting on a soapbox here! But Yoda's wise words are very applicable to smoking: "Once you start down the Dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny! Consume you it will!" (I'll leave out the "Obi-wan's apprentice" part.)

  4. First, I agree with Rowdy Rob. Well said.

    Next, I would note that if tobacco were introduced today, there is no way it would ever get approval by the FDA. It is "grandfathered in", harming the health of millions.

  5. @ Rowdy Rob - Cigarettes/nicotine is definitely a powerfully addictive substance but I smoked for years and was able to quit and I don't think I'm any stronger willed than any other person. Funny about the price factor. I couldn't imagine now shelling out $7-8 for a pack of cigarettes. I could have bought a new laptop in a month with that kind of pricing!