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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Know your left and right

Anyone do this? Make an "el" with both their hands and figure out the left hand is the one that makes to correct "el". I used to think it was funny but it's actually pretty damn clever. For a little while after I dislocated my right shoulder in high school I used to gauge left from right by remembering which shoulder I busted.


  1. Yes...yes I do. In my defense, I have so much other important info in my head that I cannot reserve space for knowing right from left without my "L" pose.

  2. Still do it and I am 40+ unless I have my wedding ring on then I use that as a reminder. When driving I have a passenger give me directions by saying turn your direction or my direction rather than right or left. For whatever reason left and right have no meaning for me except in politics.

  3. I, too, am in the "check for the el" group, and I am 40+. I find it makes giving directions to others a bit better when I say left, and it actually IS left...