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Monday, January 18, 2010

1/17/10 - Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

Had this random thought on the way home from work one day. I work right across from a homeless shelter so I'm no stranger to panhandlers. But even on the occasion that I do feel like giving them something I find myself more and more not having any cash on me. Then I thought, credit card swipers for the homeless! Little wrist strapped units similar to the units that cabs are equipped with now. Nobel Peace Prize here I come!


  1. Amazingly enough, we (Canadians) can spend billions on stimulus packages and the war in Afghanistan, but we can't bring ourselves to provide a 'stimulus' for our own people. If you want a different take on this story, try reading Cory Doctorow's new novel 'Makers.' It envisions many interesting things technologically as socially. The homeless play a large role in the part that I've read so far. Very interesting.

  2. For some reasone I've been intrigued/saddened/inspired by the homeless ever since I was a kid.I'm glad to be able to bring the character of Ned into the SAM universe to help explore these ideas.

    That book sounds like a pretty cool book. I'll have to check it out. Thanks!