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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Charges

Anyone think this is purely a left wing attack machine in action? Did an anti-Cain right winger leak the story to Politico? Is Cain trying to derail his own campaign himself realizing he might actually and up the GOP candidate?


  1. I think he proved his competence in foreign relations with beki-beki-stan-stan. I empathize with the accusers if they were truly harassed but as far as the election this is like Perry's Rockgate - neither had my vote anyway so they couldn't disappoint me.

    Will somebody give Huntsman a chance! I'd like to see his limelight behavior.

  2. Hi Tak, I think you might be comparing apples to oranges in your illustration here. As a business owner, I know it's much easier and much more of a savings to let insurance companies negotiate claims... I doubt Mr. Cain actually had any hand at all in the settlement process aside from simply approving it. These days, if you even look at someone the wrong way they can claim harassment.... and it's a fact that businesses get sued by any old yoo-hoo who is in it just for a quick payday.

    And, being someone who owns a house in China and who is married to a Chinese National, I can tell you, flat out, that negotiations with the Chinese Government are not at all in the same league as having to deal with domestic whack-jobs who abuse/take advantage-of the legal system.

    Just my 2-cents. (I'm not a Cain supporter by the way!)



  3. Hey Dan, I guess that's my point. If he's willing to take the easier route (albeit, probably the cheaper one) on a comparatively minor claim who's to say he won't be as easy to influence if/when he's leader of the free world with much higher stakes?

  4. Nice to see your response Tak. Thanks for your clarification.

    My guess is that no matter who ends up being our next "leader", he/she will play the political game as well as everyone that came before. And it seems that these days, most politicos take the easy way out of every situation. It seems massively hard to find character these days.

    Just for once I'd like to see an "accused" candidate come right out and say "Yeah, I did it, so what? Let's talk about that a second. What has that got to do with the real issues?"

    I'm such a cynic ;-)



  5. I'm just glad the Republicans have gotten a heterosexual sex scandal for once. Dems have had Clinton/Lewinsky and Wiener's Wiener, but up till now it seems like the Republicans have only had Barney Frank cruising for men in an airport restroom.

  6. I doubt that Cain had any part of the negotiations; the suit was against the restaurant association alleging misconduct of Cain. As president of the association, he might have had a vote, but the board, lawyers, and insurance companies were probably the deciding factors.