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Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care Reform Passes

Call me a pessimist. I did this strip about a month ago mostly thinking of the long haul this health care reform debate has been taking and the lives effected by its slow progress. Also thinking of the millions who were still not going to be covered by the bill that JUST got enough votes to pass the senate. I literally have CNN on listening to the results. Nancy Pelosi really creeps me out, I think she has some reptilian genes.

Don't get me wrong, I agree with most of the points the bill supports: extended benefits to people up to 26 years old, non-discrimination towards people with pre-existing conditions, an insurance buying pool...etc. I'm just curious to see how this this unfolds, what gets amended and what dies on the vine.

Side note, seeing all those stacks of paper being handed out...wouldn't have been cool to see all those pages be saved as PDFs and saved onto flash drives? I guess it's a little less dramatic. "We cannot possibly pass this 3GB health care train wreck!" Just saying.


  1. lol, I'm just hoping something gets done about things like the deductibles and stuff, otherwise, most of the people who NEED it won't be available to afford it anyway:\


  2. I personally think the solution is to actually get rid of insurance. This is because current medical costs are geared around the fact that insurance is going to pick up the slack. Once it readjusts to having people pay with just the money in their wallet, costs will actually be lower without massive legislation. Or if they really want massive legislation, they can implement cost controls on the medical industry.

  3. i have a doctor that does not deal with insurance and an office visit with him only costs 40 bucks and he does house-calls 8 cents per mile the biggest problem with this bill is forcing people to do what they don't want to do i opt out of health insurance and now i will be forced to pay 400 dollars per month for something i have no need for i have a flexible spending account so my medical is covered if they did something like get rid of the artificial monopoly that the government gives insurance maybe or tort reform but then the democrats wouldn't be paying back the trail lawyers who pay millions to get them elected if you had real tort reform the cost of medical care of all kinds would go lower just look at elective surgeries like plastic surgery the costs have dropped dramatically and quality has gone up because of competition not the artificial competition that the government is trying to force on people but real competition sorry but if government wants to fix something they should leave it alone cause government just causes more problems that have to be fixed later with more money that the country doesn't have these elected reps haven't got a clue about anything related to heath-care but they want to tell us how to do it? these guys can't add 2 and 2 and get four every time so why should i trust them with this never mind what these idiots have done with veterans health care just look at what happened to the vets that trusted them at Johns Hopkins hospital.