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Friday, March 19, 2010

McDonald's Asian American Marketing

Back in 2004, I did the above strip about a web site McDonald's started: Doesn't work anymore but they now have another one: Funny how I still feel the same way as I did back then. On one hand I feel like I should be happy that McDonald's cares enough to have a site dedicated to APAs. They have scholarships, recognize APA Heritage Month and have community involvement initiatives. But then they have stuff like The Asian Phrases Challenge where you can learn how to say "Let's go do some karaoke" and "Check out my new cell phone". Weird. If their serious they'd add McSushi, General Grimace's Chicken and a Hawaiian Spamburger. Actually, no, please don't do that McDonald's.


  1. Makudonarudo makes a great teriyaki burger in Japan! The present promotion is Big America with the California Burger completing its run this month and the Texas Burger taking its place.
    The Asian phrases page is wierd. And no Japanese to boot. Are they trying to teach people how to pick up Asians?

  2. When I visited Japan years ago they had a banana shake that came with a pouch of chocolate syrup that turned crunchy when mixed in with the shake. Best shake ever. I've never seen it in the states, at least not on the east coast.

    I also remember that KFC didn't serve mashed potatoes, only french fries because it supposedly didn't agree with the Japanese palate.

  3. What's funny is that I have that Hello Kitty keychain. No joke. That banana shake sounds cool and the idea of McD's making a website just for a specific race group feels weird to me too.