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Sunday, November 1, 2009

11/1/09 - Asians:the Bugs of the World?

This week, Simon says Asians are the insects of the human race. While a lot of people may feel being called an insect is an insult, it may very well be a insult to insects to feel that way! Hey, don't look at me, it was Simon!


  1. ROFL!!! Koreans have to be the fiercest, most dedicated recyclers in the world! I remember being nearly scared out of my knickers by a Korean apartment-house security guard roaring at me about recycling, the first year I was here. I had no idea what he was saying, but I gathered that my trash was unacceptable. :-D

  2. lol, that's certainly an interesting way of looking at that...

    I wonder: what's your opinion of the native american & asian link belief?


  3. I grew up in Chinatown in NYC so I've seen old Chinese ladies collecting recycling all my life. It made me wonder how the practice became so wide spread. Maybe there's a Chinese lady recyclers group on Facebook.

    Angel - not sure what you mean by the Native American & Asian link belief. Can you clarify?

  4. There is a fairly accepted theory that Native Americans migrated here from Asia through various means.

    For a fairly good article on this see: