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Friday, November 13, 2009

Obama in Asia

Obama is off to Asia, starting with Japan then down to Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing and finally working his way up to Seoul leaving Kim Jong Il in North Korea all in a tizzy (insert cartoon of Kim Jong Il with thought bubble "I know they're talking about me! sob...).

Obama's mission in Japan is mainly focused on the environment and nuclear proliferation. But a lot of people have also been bringing up the number of troops that we still have stationed there. Many Japanese feel it is time for the U.S. to leave these bases, mostly because the residences near then suffer from noisy low-flying airplane syndrome. There have also been some recent controversies involving US troops and Japanese citizens, including a U.S. Marine helicopter crashing into Okinawa International University, a rape of a 12 year-old girl by three U.S. servicemen and several reports of disorderly conduct in the areas around the bases. Residents are frustrated because the servicemen are not bound by local Japanese law and therefore making it difficult to prosecute.

Why do we have so many troop there anyway? I know there was a treaty (or several) that set the whole thing up after WWII for the benefit of Japan but now that Japan has been allowed to create a self defense force of their own I'm not too sure why we still need so many troops there.

I'm going to let you in on a private fantasy. Calm down, not that kind. I always thought Japan was working towards a completely robotic army. Think about it. Honda has been working feverishly to create the coolest freaking walking robots that even walk like they want to sneak up on you and kill you! Add to that Japan's shrinking young population. They couldn't create an army if they wanted to. And if these treaties have set up rules about Japan not being able to create a full fledged military force, maybe creating robots is some technical way around it since they are not human soldiers. Convinced yet? Remember when North Korea was conducting long range missle tests over Japan? I was waiting for a real Godzilla to jump out of the water and deflect it away from Japan. That would have been bad ass! Yes, I eat lots of sugar.


  1. lmao @ Godzilla. Yes, that would've been badass.

    and another giggle at the thought of a robotic army. I'm the queen of loopholes, so I'm finding that highly amusing...(in a 'rub my hands together and fill the room with an evil cackle' kinda way;] )

    not sure how I feel about the deal with the US troops over there...I mean, I think they should be able to prosecuted when they commit crimes against the citizens they're SUPPOSED to "protect", but with China and N. Korea, I'm worried about leaving Japan defenseless, you know?

    ah, this is why I stay out of political/diplomatic affairs. I don't care about politics, and my version of diplomacy has been likened to a shotgun blast to the face, soooo...yeah.:P


  2. Robot Ants! Robot Ants! Picnic wrecking robot ants.

    i was statioed at Yokosuka naval Base in the 80's. My friends who have recently come back from Japan speak of growing hostility between the civilians around the base and American troops. Especially in Okinawa. Also at the time the Japanese government subsidized a sizable portion of the costs to keep troops there. Its mystifying, but unlike the Phillipines there has been no nationwide call to remove troops. just sanctioned demonstrations outside the bases that are poorly attended.
    What is needed is an aircraft carrier transformer to pop out of Tokyo Bay whenever a threat occurs.

  3. Dude. Aircraft carrier transformer. Drooool...

  4. I know that some Okinawans want Japan to get out off their island too.

    I lived in Osaka for ten years during the 90's. Some people in Okinawa are happy as they receive yen for leasing out their land to the USA. I think that that many Japanese who do not live nearby US bases could either care less or prefer not to have their children join the military. Many that live near bases are unhappy and it is just as likely their issue is with their uncaring government as with the US troops.

    Hmm, and that robot army will also gain flight just like Magma Taishi. ... Perhaps I am too old for transformers.