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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dad, do people eat dogs?

Doesn't every child ask this question? OK, probably not. Well, Shin did and SAM handles it with grace and poise. Often kids ask questions about things that we may not be completely ready to answer. The important thing is to remain calm, think about what you're going to say and then distract them with cartoons on TV. Works every time.


  1. I was in Japan once with a customer from Texas. We were in Kyushu. Horse meat is a popular item on the menu there. The factory folk took the Texan out to a specialty restuarant, but the poor fellow could not eat half the things on the menu. He wouldn't eat horse.
    Of course my wife who is from Osaka would not eat horse either.
    I was not aware that Japanese had eaten dogs at one point. I think a bigger deal nowadays is Japanese eating whale meat. My father-in-law from Shikoku hates whale meat. After the war, that is all they ever ate. "Its too tough and smelly."

  2. It's amazing to me the justifications people come up with when talking about animals that are eaten. It's 100% cultural. Then of course someone brings up eating people...

  3. I wouldn't be adverse to trying any kind of meat at least once and I'll keep that in mind when I have kids ask me awkward questions.

    Love the banner at the top by the way.

  4. I just saw the interview about you on Race Bending and I am in LOVE with your comics! I will be subscribing. You have a new follower and a fan!