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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Asian Vampires

I can't believe my local pharmacy is already selling Halloween stuff.

There are bunches of spooky stories out of Asia that can be categorized as vampire stories. It's pretty cool to see how wide the range is when it comes to the origins, characteristics and even vulnerabilities ie. garlic and daylight. Right now we seem to be up to our...necks in vampire culture. Between True Blood, Twilight and the BP oil executives it's vampires 24/7 and personally I'm pretty sick of it. We need more Creature from the Black Lagoon up is this muthascratcha. And I'd love to see Eli Roth take on a Scooby Doo remake or Rob Zombie signed on a gory Addams Family sequel.


  1. Sad to say, I don't think our culture is ready to appreciate the finer points of the Hopping Vampires yet.
    Which country is it that has vampires that are basically just flying heads with attached entrails? Is that what you're referencing in the third panel? THOSE are nasty. The horror of vampires combined with the gore of zombies. Hard to dress up as one for Halloween, though.
    (And I don't know why, but I simply can't post to your blog in Firefox.)

  2. hey, if you haven't read the book, don't knock the seiries, though i do believe you would like this.

  3. Since I find Hopping Vampires uninteresting, you might want to try Alucard from Hellsing anime.

  4. i just got your book in the mail. it rocks. thanks

  5. Dude, I enjoy your comic regularly, but this was hilarious. Thanks for the laugh!