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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Broken People are Right Twice a Day

No one is a total idiot and it always gives me an odd sense of hope when I hear these people say something vaguely logical. It confirms that we indeed exist on the same planet but simply have completely different takes on life. Of course I welcome your thoughts on people who you think ARE total idiots. Perhaps I lead a sheltered life ...


  1. You picked the perfect setting. You'd either meet these people in Wal Mart or at the DMV.

    Good stuff Tak!


  2. But is being spot on right twice a day better than being just five to ten minutes off all the time?

  3. In this particular case, the hillbilly couple in your cartoon may be correct, but it is certainly not through their own doing. New World democracy is the fortunate confluence of an opportunity for a new country coupled with the burgeoning Enlightenment spreading from Europe. No one you meet in a WalMart (or anywhere) had anything to do with that and, I wager, few people could hope to duplicate such a feat, even given the right circumstance.

    That said, I hold that are there aren't really *any* nations (old or new) that have much in the way of civilization... though some are closer than others. We are not an old species, only newly dropped from the trees, and we have only just begun to grasp the possibility of turning our intelligence to other than selfish and violent ends. And a lot of days, rude, arrogant, and boorish Americans seem further from it than most.