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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Final Hurricane Thought

She came and went and we got off relatively easy here just south of Boston. I always find it interesting how large scale climate events like this force us to show our hands of the type of person we are. Here are some "types" I've identified:

The super-prepared - these people have stocked up on water, batteries and gasoline generators if they did already own one. These are also the people who tend to shutter themselves into their houses and leave the news on TV to follow every inch of the hurricane's progress. These people are also likely to have CB or ham radios constantly dialed into the police band or neighborhood crime reports even when there isn't a natural disaster. These people own guns. Under non-emergency situations they may seem a bit crazy but they will survive the zombie apocalypse.

The casually cautious - these people will go out and feel compelled to at least do something to prepare. Maybe buy an extra pack of batteries. Maybe buy an extra box on donuts. I totally fall into this category. We care about what's going on but aren't so wrapped up in it to let it alarm us, for better or for worse. We'll even go so far as make light-hearted comments online while privately hoping a tree doesn't fall through the roof.

The non-chalant observer - these people are aware that something is happening but barely. They don't care about the news reports. These are the people who show up at the train station only to find a sign saying the trains aren't running despite numerous on-air and online warnings. The storm is more of a nuisance than anything else. These people might not own a flashlight at all.

The moron - these people are fully aware of what's coming but decide to take advantage of it and somehow make it work for them. These are the people who wander down to the beach to watch the tides and storm pull in. These people like to water ski behind pick-up trucks and flash TV news crews (NSFW).

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  1. Cute, but sadly I don't fall into any of those categories. Closest is #1, because I live in the countryside, so the possibility of power outages or being cutoff from town is higher for me. We always try to be prepared, but definitely happy to see our neighbors again once it's safe to go out again. Happily we didn't lose power this time, but it did take an extra half hour to get to kung fu class last night because of road detours. Some towns out here are cut off from everyone because of road or bridge washouts.

    Glad you're fine :)

    Heather G