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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Apple generation

It's no secret I'm a big fan of Apple products. I'm amazed at the array of Apple products at our house. I know there are plenty of PC based fans out there but for my money, Apple is the way to go. Even after hearing about how Apple Powerbook batteries can be hacked to potentially explode.

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  1. Apple truly sucks. Apple computers and OS is only limited to one vendor with no choices. The specifications that are outdated and 3 times the regular price and you cannot customize them.Asian companies makes their parts not apple. Apple is a closed source.With apple you cannot do anything powerful with it's bad GPU, you can only do simple things like browsing. The computers are not compatible with 95% of today's software and games and the exclusive and ported software to apple is very expensive. If you have a problem with a Mac you will most likely pay $ to fix it , format or buy a new one. Just to let you know, all those statements that apple said about apple computers are not true including viruses, myths perpetrated by mac commercials. Viruses are on the rise and apple is not as stable as you think. PC has more viruses because they have the largest market share. iPod sound quality is not that great and iPhones can't even do powerful things that other companies can do and iPads is a large iPod touch. Apple is only popular because it's trendy. Look at all the celebrities what do they have? The only good thing about apple is just its interface and there is nothing magical or innovative about apple. The fans are annoying and sheep-like. They cannot think for themselves, they will follow any trend without knowing the truth and what makes them annoying is that they brag about how their products are the best when they are not , lining up for products that you can wait and simply being stupid, but you don't seem that type of fan. BBC studied and proved that apple fans are religious. Also, Apple is suing its competitors (Mostly Asian) because of the same look and feel instead of making better products which is very cowardly, they did not invent the rectangle and there were phones that had touchscreens, front facing cameras and tablets before apple made them. There were also phones that iPhone look like. They did not invent everything and I was once a fan before I did my research and I'm 15 and Asian sorry for the long comment.