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Saturday, December 10, 2011 dudes

It bothers me how all three guys are totally generic looking white dudes. Was there a decision made to cast them like this? I'll give them the benefit of the doubt but then again... I suppose at least the bad credit score guy being white too is some consolation.


  1. I have the same reaction every time I see these commercials. Maybe they didn't want to deal with offending a specific minority group so they just decided to offend everyone at once? Still, no excuse. You'd think they could at least make each commercial with a different ethnic/racial group to balance everthing out if they didn't want to make one race the bad score.

  2. Oh man, this "racial balance" is always making things so complicated and there will always be someone to complain. At least with a "monochrome" cast, the only complain you'll get is that there aren't enough minorities.

  3. I liked it when it was 3 good-looking men on the commercial, now the commercials have replaced one of them with that ugly brown guy. I don't like their new commercials. Why did the change the actors? Why must there be minorities? I think the new commercials are racist against White men.