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Saturday, October 10, 2009

10/11/09 - Cleaning House

We get a lot of mail order catalogs. One thing I've noticed is the absolute lack of Asian guys in them. Maybe I'm more sensitive to these things than most but has anyone else noticed this? Will the "J" in J Crew ever stand for Japanese? And why do we need paper catalogs anyway? Do people still fill out those forms, stick a check in the SASE and wait for it to get there?


  1. I been missing you! Finally got around to doing a websearch (I refuse to call it google, mainly cause I use and, here you are! Lotsa love from Gwangmyeong! ~ Sil in Corea

  2. Hi Sil, thanks for hunting me down! Interesting to see you using the "C"orea. A lot of people aren't aware of the meaning of that spelling. Care to enlighten us?

  3. Now I am intrigued about the "C"orea. I hope to be enlightened.

    As for Asians in catalogues, I have seen some in catalogues and advertising. Perhaps it is a Canadian thing, but our catalogues and advertising include a lot of non-Caucasian models, including Asians. However, having said that, I must admit, that the catalogues that I have received from the US are lacking in diversity. Also, I really don't get many catalogues anymore. Like you, we go online to view items and have stopped most catalogue deliveries over the years.