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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Auction for Typhoon Relief in Philippines

Comic artist Greg LaRocque has organized a comic art auction to benefit the victims of the recent typoons and flooding in the Philippines. I've donated the original art from the Sunday strip from 8/23/09. Please check it out and make a bid. All proceeds will go to the Philippines Red Cross. Auction ends Friday October 23. Thanks.

Here is the strip as it was printed. I guess some specifics are in order as well. The artwork is done in brush and pen with ink on 100lb. bristol vellum. It measures 14" wide by 8" tall. In a world (in my best movie trailer voice) were more and more artists are turning to digital originals, this is a chance to own a one of a kind hard copy.


  1. I know I'll probably sound dense for asking this but I don't completely get what's going on in this strip. Why is the Jewish person sad? What exactly is being said?

  2. No need to feel dense. That's my job. I added the strip above so you can see it in context. I think it would look great on your wall! Bid! Bid! Bid!