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Sunday, December 27, 2009

12/27/09 - The Divided States of America

It really bothers me how divided the country seems to be in a whole lot of ways. Probably the biggest divide is political. But under the political umbrella is a whole bunch of divisions like religion, abortion, government involvement in our lives, environmental goes on and on. Sometimes I seriously wonder what the country would be like if we split in two and people could choose to move to wherever they agreed with. Don't like abortion, move here. Want some legal weed, go here. But the divisions would quickly devolve into individual preferences. What's a jewish, pro-life, no sales tax, gay married, medical marijuana supporter to do?


  1. You haven't lived in the deep south, have you?

  2. Good illustration of the concept. I always wondered why Rhode Island was still a state and hadn't been absorbed by Massachusetts. But that's just based on size.

    I love "Charlifornia"!