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Monday, May 17, 2010

Reasonable Suspicion

I feel for cops, I really do. Sometimes they have to uphold laws that they are personally against. As much as it's easy to think cops LOVE busting people for the slightest infraction, there are plenty who have level heads, good intentions and keep our streets safe. That being said I wish more cops spoke out about laws they think are unfair. But I guess that would be like asking a soldier to question their commanders. It's not their job to judge, just enforce. I'd be a horrible cop.


  1. simon is a jerk, and you should be on tv. honestly, convert comics to skits and post it on the internet. they could ( and should be hit) great comics make great shows. like garfield ( theold show, not the cgi version out now)

  2. This Arizona law has me so pissed off precisely for the situation portrayed here. I know it's supposed to be for a laugh, but seriously, people already look at me like I don't quite belong here. Now the cops get a legal reason to just question people who don't look "American?" Grrrr.

    Oh, and I would also love to see live-action or animated versions of SAM.

  3. Several AZ police associations did protest the law before it was passed.

  4. The last time an Arizona governor did something this dumb - Evan Meacham banning Martin Luther King Day - the Arizonan people tossed him out on his ear. How about now? I really envied the US process at that time I tell you. We have a few that have reached their expiry dates up here, but we have to wait for someone to actually call an election.

  5. I had downloaded the law to determine what it actually says. It is an update of a law previously on the books.

    It speaks of "Reasonable Cause" and "Lawful Contact". I believe that this is regarding some police stop for a violation. If the police office stops you for driving out of a supermarket parking lot for no reason they can easily be sued in this lawsuit-crazy country. I cannot imagine too many cops have the time to deal with looking around at people "not" breaking the law in Arizona, they have plenty of lawbreakers around to spend time looking for foreign looking folk in my opinion. I suppose it all comes down to if you have faith in the majority of cops will do the right thing at the right time and not that you expect them all to go alien hunting. Of course how many rotten apples does it take to make it a real problem? How many legal residents have been targeted in Arizona so far? How many have been arrested?

    I do believe that since California and Texas made laws some years back that made it harder for illegal aliens to pass through, Arizona is the place to go to. Tis a shame that they feel they need to do more to stop the flood of people coming across the border.

    I personally would prefer to see more work to promote a better economy down in Mexico as a way to to improve the lives of Mexicans who have little options other than risking much to come to the States illegally. I think that both Mexico and the USA governments are satisfied with the poor and downtrodden of Mexico come here instead of making life better down there. [sigh]

  6. An animated/live action show would be pretty off the hook. A LOOOOOT of work but I bet it would be fun. We shall see. These guys on YouTube decided to re-enact one of the strips:

    I downloaded he law and read it too. It was written in surprisingly plain English and it seemed to me that it doesn't necessarily give cops the right to stop someone BECAUSE they look illegal but are empowered to ask for citizenship proof only during a police action like a traffic stop. So while this may not be quite as bad as blatantly pulling people over for looking illegal, there are going to be moments when a pulled over citizen is going to be scrutinized and a cop is going to have to decide whether or not they are going to ask for documentation of citizenship. THAT'S when the fun begins!

    I wonder if anyone will be asked to show proof of citizenship in Arizona while illegally teaching an ethnic studies class...

  7. What I don't like about this law (and I consider myself a conservative) is that for the first time in US history, a citizen of the United States will be required to show ID to a government official. The stop and identify laws in various states only require verbal ID.
    The only exception is operating a motor vehicle, you have to show a drivers license.
    My wife is from Taiwan and she is a citizen of
    the united states. She should NOT be required to show her papers to anybody that asks. Neither should I.
    See Supreme Court decision Hiibel vs the State of Nevada.