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Monday, May 24, 2010

Who needs people when you can have robots!

It's no secret that Charlie is a bit of a tech junkie. It's also no secret that he can be completely content surrounded by inanimate objects that challenge his intellect. Enter robot friends. Robots can do a lot of stuff these days and every few months there seems to be some new advance in their capabilities. In Japan a lot of the focus seems to involve the interaction of people with robots. They aren't necessarily thinking biggest, faster, stronger. Rather gentler, smarter and more helpful. Then again, maybe it's just a ploy to take over the world with cute and cuddly machines of death.


  1. poor charlie. personally, the wall-e world scares me. irresponsable, lazy fat hummans without a care or use... it's just weird

    ps. it' irrelevent but i thought youd be intersted

  2. This month's Pop Sci has an article about how some researchers are using robots to help Autistic children "deal" with reality and others.

    Now if we can get a 'bot to teach upper management how to deal with employees, ...
    A 'bot to get my teenager to stop procrastinating, ... etc.

    Yeah and that interracial marriage article, ... I have to keep telling the folk at the office that I am not Japanese while eating my homemade bento with my own chopsticks and offering them some extra kibidango.

  3. I wonder how many Americans are marrying robots? Now that scientists have created a living human cell whose parents are essentially computers, I wonder what a person made from those cells be considered? Maybe I should just go to bed now...

  4. Robotics is an interesting subject to say the least, and the Japanese are definitely ahead of the game in that department. Most people are fascinated with the thought of articial intelligence, which is just as unlikely as a person being able to travel through time as in 'Back To The Future' or 'The Time Machine' kind of nonsense.

  5. if you're curious about the human cell with cumputers for parents, read "the house of the scorpian" by nancy farmer. it's about a boy swho is the (7th) clone of the most powerful person of the drug world (opium). it makes you ask yourself how you would treat the clone of your father/grandfather/boss?