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Thursday, July 8, 2010


As junky as the whole Predator and Alien franchise has become, I can't help falling back in love every time a new movie comes out. I don't even care who's in it and what setting it's placed in. I just want to see some Aliens and Predators go at it.

The latest release, Predators, has all the promise of the empty calorie fun that we've all come to expect and demand. I can't wait to see it. But then I realize that as much as I love seeing the Predators rip out some puny human spines, I think Hollywood ought to expand on the concept. Why confine these characters within the realm of sci-fi/horror? I think they should branch out into other genres like romantic comedies like When Alien Met Predator or My Big Fat Predator Wedding. Or the ultimate remake of Romeo and Juliet. A love stricken Predator falls dread over heels for a beautiful Alien Queen but their families' hatred for each other threaten to tear them apart. I'm welling up just thinking about it.


  1. Hey they did it to Vampires. Why not Aliens and Predators?

  2. AWWW!! Thank you, thank you for telling me of this new predators! Must go to the common to watch this movie now!

    Those concepts of new predator movies out of sci-fi/horror really grabbed my interest. I would pay to watch those movies but i cant stop imagining at the end, the predator just feels like hes failed in his romantic comedies in trying to woo the ladies and just decides to nuke the whole place down.

  3. On the Alien front, I wonder what would happen if the Aliens landed on E.T.'s planet. The Aliens could heal themselves when they get hurt and they'd have higher intelligence to seek out new planets. And I bet they'd still love Reese's Pieces.