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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SAM at Comic-Con!

OK, fine I won't be there in person but check it out, I've created a new apparel design just for Comic-Con featuring head shots of Asian heroes and villains from TV, comic books and anime. But here's the best part. It's not only going to be a t-shirt, there's also going to be a hoodie version of it! They will be making their debut at the Blacklava booth along with all the other SAM designs. Take a pic of yourself at the Blacklava booth with your SAM gear, send it to me and I'll pop it up on my site!


  1. Where is Ken from? Like from what show or comic?

  2. One of my all time favorite cartoons growing up: Gatchaman (or G-Force or Battle of the Planets depending on how it happened to be named). Check it:

  3. I love that you got Ken in there! And Kaneda. So good.

  4. had a lot of fun last year selling the earlier version of these shirts at our booth! One of the feedbacks we got was if you'll ever design one featuring women!

    Think of the possibilities...Jubilee, Helen Zia, Nikita, Toph, Anna Mae Wong...