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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shhh...check this out

Back in March, Charlie published a blog post about Michio Kaku, the "SciFi Science Guy". Since that post a strange thing started to happen. Comments started slowly trickling in and are now completely in what looks like some dialect of Chinese. Check it out. Anyone know what they're talking about? Charlie is so freaked out he hasn't posted anything since then. Help the guy out!


  1. BTW, Charlie's blog is down (11:10 PM PST).

    I get these rouge Chinese comments to my blog all the time .. they usually say something to the effect "thanks for keeping us in the loop" or "I liked your blog and support you," but the latest says "Death is sorrowful, but life without joy is more sorrowful."

    The catch here is that at the end of every one of these so-called comments is that there are a string of periods (".") and each period is actually a HTML link to some sex site...

    I've complained to blogspot many times, but to no avail. So now I have to pre-approve all comments because of this garbage ...

    BTW love the SAM strip !



  2. The site is back up ... 11:19 PM PST ... and I was able to get a look at it ... yup, Poor Charlie has been had by spammers ! I think there's a good SAM strip in that one ;-)



  3. i found a translation site:
    it's apenently chaneral chinese and in order i think these are what charlie got messaged

    My pain can stop, but asks my heart to be able to conquer

    The good article for human's feeling is very good, thanks you

    The human has a two tongue, is in order to observe time in the speech reason

    Has a look blog to relax, the work dies of exhaustion

    All properties, in are not forgiven time, all has become negative

    so, yeah, they're kinda weird.

  4. AAHHAAHHA! That gold! Forget stopping the spam, I think it should keep going. I'm going to go and add my own Engrish nonsense!

  5. gold? random chinese words of wisdom coupled with porn gold?