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Monday, June 28, 2010

Invitation to SPAM

So it looks like the comments stretching out on Charlie's blog are Engrishy Chinese phrases. Get your degree in Engrish here. So I'm asking you the reader to do what any sensible person would do in this situation: post your own Engrishy nonsense!


  1. so that's whats going on. bad tranlation here and even there. look at bottom of screeon at road sign

  2. The Chinese Spam reads perfectly fine - if you know how to read native Chinese, that is!! Heh Heh!

    It's only after Rhiana ran it through the sausage-factory-of-an-on-line-translator that it turns into some very good Engrish... but I digress, the resulting Engrish is still too dang funny! ;-)

    On-line Translators are really tricky beasts and almost never will they translate Chinese correctly. They are Engrish producers of the first order ;-)

    I think Charlie should spend some of his time to tweak some on-line translators out there!


  3. out of question, do you know anyone who does? it would be interesting to see what was the origin of the engrish

  4. Um.. Rhiana, were you asking me the question?

    And, sorry, but I don't quite understand what you asked.

    Did you mean to ask if I know anyone who speaks Chinese? My wife was born and grew up in China, so we all speak/read Chinese. I can read the spam posts, no problem.