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Monday, June 21, 2010

SAM's growing family

And baby makes four. Having two kids is a whole new ball game and SAM and I are going to be learning as we go. So far it has made me wish I could create another me so I can hang out with the kids AND get some work done. But just when I think it's all too much, I see the two kids interact and all the pressure evaporates. Kids rule.


  1. Just had our fourth (and final!) baby, and it's insane around here. But, like you say, watching the tenderness that the kids use in interacting with their new little brother makes me all goopy inside and helps me think I can get through this summer!

  2. Congrats Tak, and welcome aboard, Bob!

  3. Congratulations called the baby Bob?...Bob?

    Shin and Bob...Bob and Shin....that just doesn't quite fit.

    Congratulations on the new baby Tak. I know he will be bring a lot of added joy.

  4. Thanks everyone. Wow...4 kids. I just can't imagine that. Must be great/crazy...grazy?

    Indeed Bob has arrived. Stay tuned to learn more about the origins of his name and the discussions that will follow.