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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So...what am I?

Being a mix-ed race/multiracial/bi-racial/mutt/HAPA was not in my experience growing up but I'm learning all about it through my son. It's still very much in the background but I know as he grows older I'm going to have the pleasure of tackling a whole new set of issues!


  1. Being a mutt can be confusing. I'm 46 and I often feel as if I don't really belong to either side of the family. Sometimes I wish I could just put "geek" down on the census.

  2. My niece and nephew are both muttsamacallsits. They're too young to ask their dad anything beyond "ice ceeem" or "leg ohs" but I imagine my brother having these conversations with the both of them in a few years.

  3. I married ethnic Chinese from Taiwan. I'm half german/Half irish and dutch.

    What I think is that the haters don't need much to focus on. You could be 1/8 asian or 100%; to a person that hates asians it is the same thing. The only cure is to try to teach your kids a sense of self-worth and to not be a hater yourself. Defend youself when needed.


  4. Did you base this comic on my comment back on the April 25 strip?

  5. I'm from Hawaii, where it's the norm to have mixed race/hapa/multi-ethnic. Unfortunately, I had to raise my mutts in Los Angeles, but it was the second best place to do so (imho) and they like being "exotic" and keeping people guessing if for some reason, they need to assign a race/ethnicity. They are Japanese, Chinese, Hawaiian, English, Scottish, Irish, French, German.