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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Candidate SAM part 4

Debate time!...sorta. I feel like back in the day people used to discuss political issues and policies for hours and hours at a time. Even days. Now we just wait to see who has the better attack ads. I think we need to get back to nobody leaves until we've decided town hall style super meetings! Who's with me! (cricket chirp)


  1. It would be nice to see a real debate, I can't stand attack ads, don't care who does them. What a waste slamming people instead of purposing and focusing on what you are going to do, unless, slamming people is what you do, then your doing alright, but I don't want them in office, just sayin . . .

  2. What I also can't stand is the broad generalizations that politicians speak in. "I stand for families and freedom and promise to change the way politics work. I work for you." Duh. I think any politician can say the same thing. "I'm here to listen to the people." That's like Shaq saying "I'm here to score some points for my team."

  3. I wish they would talk straight. Here in Utah we run to large families, so a recent ad said that the guy was going to cut spending then a few seconds later that he would "invest" in education. Why doesn't he just say that he is going to cut spending and give all the "extra" money to education. Let the people decide whether that is good or bad.