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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mmmm...can you smell the politics in the air?

It's that magical time when the leaves turn colors, political robo-calls ring non-stop and the TV becomes inundated with ads that were approved by so and so. At this point in my life I've seen my fair share of political cycles and the one thing that really hasn't changed is the promise of change. All politicians promise to be an agent of change that will bring lasting prosperity and hope. After all, change is good, right? But after a while the message loses its luster and, after seeing enough candidates under-deliver on their promises, loses meaning altogether.

But then I sit back and think to myself, "Why are candidates promising anything? Aren't they just supposed to do what we tell them to do? Isn't that the role of a politician?" At which point my other self says, "Yes, but when a politician is following up on his/her constituent's demands it becomes his/her responsibility to carry through with their wishes and sometimes that comes across as a personal agenda." Then third self jumps in with a "That's crap! Politicians only carry through on things they agree with. No way an anti-abortion politician is going to defend abortions even if everyone in his/her state wants it legalized." Fourth self then leaves the room and checks to see if there are any brownies left in the kitchen.

Oh, yeah. I've decided to extend this storyline for the next few weeks until the elections in early November. I apologize in advance.


  1. ...I VOTE FOR SAM:D


    and I'm also with your fourth self. at least with brownies, you know exactly what you're getting:\

    and that the reason they're brown is because they were made with chocolate instead of a *different* brown material that politicians seem to be full of.


  2. Well, the other approach is that we elect people to represent us using their better judgment. They vote based on their knowledge and values, not based on what they think 51% of us want them to do.

  3. i gotta wonder, what inspired the last bit?

  4. I actually have a real fascination with politics, as much as it drives me up a wall. The part that fascinates me the most is observing how candidates present themselves and how they deliver their messages because it shows a lot about what they think of their potential voters. Then when all is said and done, seeing how the politicians change once their campaign managers and speech writers start to peel away.

  5. I get tired of the fighting between the two main parties. The supporters can be just as bad if not worse as they do not have to uphold their image to get elected. This sentence works for either side, "Look at what 'they' are doing, they are bad people!" It makes me sad.