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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Being a professional Asian

I love what I do and I love bringing issues that concern Asian Americans to a broader audience. I love when people put up the Asian Bat signal and e-mail me about racial injustice and inequality. Really, I do. But every once and a while I like to let my thoughts wander to completely unrelated stuff. I'm willing to bet Batman had a few video games on his crime computer.

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  1. Asian-Americans aren't the only ones who benefit from the work of a "professional Asian." A feature from our local paper:

    Seeing the pictures makes it that much more real. The sad thing is, we don't seem to have learned from the experience. Sure, people know not to talk like Jason Whitlock in public, but even a cursory perusal of comment boards everywhere reveals the unguarded "private" thoughts of the current generation of Americans...the thoughts that drive the way we vote, the way we treat our neighbors, the way we influence our friends.

    Seventy years ago it was the Japanese. Today it's the Mexicans, the Arabs, the suspected potential enemy combatant trainees, the lazy people on welfare, etc. Judgmentalism is a cancer upon the soul. If nobody speaks up, it will grow to consume us all.