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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Filter bubbles

In a way it isn't anything new that people go to media sources that cater to their own beliefs. But nowadays information is so custom filtered that it can become a dangerous wedge between people, especially when more and more that information is fueled by bias.

Custom news feeds, like-minded "friends", left or right bent news aggregate sites all allow us to surround ourselves with the information we want to hear creating a world vastly different than the person next to us. Your Google search and my Google search will produce different results based on our personal preferences.

This Google powered blog you're reading will alter your search results based on the things I post about and if I say something against Google it may be taken dow ...


  1. i forwarded this to the social media evangelist at work. she didn't find it funny. it really upset her. maybe it was the ethnic thing; humans mocked by bots?

  2. What's a social media evangelist? I guess some people don't want to know about the Matrix.

  3. Great comic! Maybe a bit too truthful for some people!