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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

eDating, X-Men and God

Not that I'm in the dating market but I can't help but think that the eDating world is kinda weird. Like in this strip, I met my wife the old fashioned way. In a bar! We talked X-Men and it was love from issue #1 on. I don't have anything against the idea of online dating (except for the fact that it seems like ordering a Whopper) but it's the niche sites that are most interesting.

CougarLife for you Ashton's hunting for a Demi (we all know how that one turned out). JDate for chosen ones to find a chosen one. Zoosk, the Axe Body Spray of dating sites. AshleyMadison for the married, Gingrich crowd. GayDating for, well, gay dating. And of course, ChristanMingle where you can "Find God's Match for You". Now I'm no bible expert but doen't using "God" in your tagline for your website count as taking the lord's name in vain?

Anyone ever used online dating? How was the experience?


  1. I didn't meet my husband (who is Asian American, btw)on an online dating site, but we did meet in a Yahoo group. We will be celebrating 10 years together this year, and have three beautiful children!

  2. I met my wife through a dating site. My logic for going that way was the following:

    - I was getting old and I wanted to settle down. First marriage came by one of the old-fashioned ways and didn't work any better.
    - I hate bars and discos. I rarely drink alcohol, I hate loud music and I can barely dance.
    - I spend a considerable time in front of a computer.
    - I believe that people can be truthful or not in person or online, it doesn't really matter the media. Either way, it takes time to know somebody for good, and even then you can be dead wrong about the person.
    - At the bar, the first selection is by the looks only. Online, one can preselect people for more than just the looks when they have a detailed profile.

    How you meet doesn't matter. Having compatible priorities within the couple and chemistry is what counts.

    All that considered, I don't think there's one-size-fits-all method for dating. If you're a party monster, you're probably better going the old-fashioned way.

  3. "epurity"?? Ich. I feel slimey. I think I need a shower...

  4. I've used dating sites two different times in my life so far and although both times led to some dates with some nice people, it never led to any full on relationships. Anytime I've had a long relationship, it started the old fashioned way. Online dating is not a terrible experience. It takes a lot of work. You really need to be on your toes about who you contact so as not to inadvertently go on a date with a totally creep. And that TOTALLY happens. But same goes for real life. It's just easier to lie about who you are online. At the end of the day, it's just a matter of preference.

  5. Hey Tak, are you aware that, just below the comments, your page is advertising a highly cultural/ethnic/religious dating service? One that strongly debases/represses women? Kinda makes your point all over again, eh? ;-)

    I've used on-line dating services in the past and had a few dates, but nothing came of any of them. Made some friends though.

    1. To adjust the types of ads you wish to see (or to opt out of tracking) with AdSense, hover your pointer over the triangle in the top right. It will chance to "AdChoices". Click on to find the "Ads Preferences Manager" which will give you individual control over what type of ads you want to see or don't want to see. It also gives you the option to Opt out.

    2. Thanks. I found it the other day so I blocked the dating ads. Still felt a little weird about it though.

  6. Yeah, I got a few messages about the dating ads that have been popping up on this site. It's because of the Google AdSense ads crawling through my content. I think there's a way to filter out certain kinds of ads. I'll look into that, although in a way I like leaving the door open.

  7. You forgot the obvious Japanese-American dating site:

  8. I've tried a couple different dating sites simply because I had no previous success on my own. I experimented with Zoosk because I thought it was free, they lied. I put more effort into OKCupid, and it led to my first girlfriend. While I don't recommend it to everyone, it's proven better than nothing for me.

  9. I couldn't say if [our site can find God's match for you], is blasphemous. But I think my Christian friends might call it, "presumptuous".

    I assume, according to Christian teachings, that God probably won't use his voice, or a website, to directly tell you, who you should marry.
    In my view: Christians, like everyone else, will probably have to play it by ear, in finding out who their ideal matches are.
    Yep, I'm really bored, today.

  10. My husband and I (I'm Asian American and he's Caucasian) met online, but not through a dating site. We both had friends who made us sign up for and he messaged me thinking I was pretty. 7.5 years later, we are happily married with 3 dogs and a cat.

  11. I used geek-oriented dating sites, since nerd interests are a huge part of my life and it would be difficult for me to date a non-nerd.

    Didn't have much of any result for quite some time, but I eventually met my now-fiance on, so they can be helpful. They're great for people who don't frequent places like bars, are shy, are more articulate through writing than speaking, or even too busy to get out often and meet dates the "old fashioned way"

    It's not perfect by any means - you can find creepers and people who misrepresent themselves (but really, that also happens meeting in person too, it's just easier for people to lie online), but I consider it just as legitimate a means to find someone as stumbling across new people in bars, clubs, parks, various other public places, etc.

  12. Wow, these stories are great. I didn't realize there was a geek oriented site too. Go nerds!

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