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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I wrote this strip in 2004 as things were heating up for the presidential elections. Bush had just clinched enough delegates to assure his candidacy and Kerry won big on Super Tuesday. The country was splitting apart at the seams.

So here we are eight years later in another election cycle and the rift only seems larger. At least that's what politicians would like us to believe. But I do sense a surge in the calm-the-fuck-down camp. The Rise of the Planet of the Moderates (gasp). I still stand by every word in this strip and refuse to let talking heads dictate what I should do. I'll use my own brain, thanks.


  1. I love this in theory. The problem I have is that, as a gay man, one party offers a slow path to equality and the other path seems determined to keep me a second class citizen. While I think of myself as a fiscal conservative, I cannot vote for those who are so determined to maintain a caste system.

  2. I have to agree with you, Tak. I find myself lost in the middle. The closest I come to agreeing with a party is the Libertarians.

  3. Some Teacher - it's interesting to hear that when having to chose between social values and fiscal ones, the social ones win. I actually tend to think that is a more broadly shared experience than many people would think.

    9toes - I love the spirit of the Libertarian party. There's really no bullshitting around with those guys. But there's something about that party that seems better in theory than in practice. I'd rather pay taxes to fund a police force than to buy a gun and defend my own home.