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Monday, February 6, 2012

Sex poll results

It was interesting to see how the votes came in on how people learned about sex. Sex ed, and friends were neck and neck with parents running very close behind. Looks like no one learned from a sibling. Makes me wonder if people construed that choice as having a sexual experience with a sibling. I meant more like your older brother showing you his dirty magazines or an older sister telling you to be on team Jacob.

I'm still surprised that sex ed won. I definitely got most of my information from friends with movies and TV playing a heavy supporting role. I remember burying my head while our gym teacher talked to us about pubes. Yay.

Thanks for participating in the poll.


  1. I went to a Catholic grade school, and that is where I learned about sex in Sex Ed. class. They even had lovely booklets with illustrations of how your body works (nothing pornographic). We had open discussions. This was back in the early 1970s. Perhaps people were less uptight then. I did augment this information with experimentation, my own "research" and giggling with friends. However, my initial and (most informative knowledge) came from Sister Monica in my grade school, and the booklets she handed out.

  2. I remember when I was in grade school, we initially learned about sex from a book. A very "happy" guide with illustrations on how reproduction works. I only remember a picture with a man and a woman under blankets, with their heads out and huge smiling faces.

    Then, during high school, sex ed was more heavily reinforced. I remember we had "Moral" classes, which talked about religion, humanities, and sex ed XD
    Yup. That condom-on-a-banana moment.

    I'm surprised that friends were the second winner. I remember my friends and I never spoke about sex or anything related to sexuality. Even as adults!
    I think my (our) Asian background has something to do with this.